About Singapore Food Ranking

A bit about this blog – I have lived in Singapore for many years and would like to share my ranking of food here. There are so many food blogs out there and you may wonder what makes this one different. It is different because most are just posting pics of the food but what we all need is someone who knows and just give me a list – I do not need pictures! When I go to a place, I just want a simple list. Makes printing easier, makes searching easier!

We all need to better use our time – so take it from someone who has tasted it all here in Singapore – do not think you will go too wrong my friend.

The best food is here in Singapore. Our interesting mix of the different cultures and our craze over good food creates an exotic blend of the best food in the world.


  1. #1 by Mr Goh on January 1, 2015 - 2:17 am

    Think a Satay ranking is in order.


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